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Using for bitcoin mining

Posted on
29 January 2018
( 10 days ago )

Has anybody looked into Antminecloud for bitcoin mining? I did a search in this category and “Antminecloud” did not come up so I wanted to know what guys think of ? Antminecloud offers the best referral system with 15% commision +5$ signup bonus. The hashpower price is also much lower than hashflare etc.

They offer Antmine S9 mining contracts for a year at a time. It is exclusively driven by the renowned Antminer mining machines that each perform 13.5 TH/s and with 750 units installed and running – we have a total of 10.125 TH/s mining actively at the moment.

PS: Since they are giving Signupup bonus, maybe you guys can take advantage from the site! I don’t want to promote referral links here! Just to share an idea about this site and to know what you think. This site is a famous site for cloud mining at the moment!