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THE NEXT BITCOIN…….. HURRY ONLY 10,500.00 Coin Left

Posted on
19 June 2018
( yesterday )

The Next Bitcoin

BTCX2 Their Coin is a Forked Version of Bitcoin!

They Came Out Yesterday And Pre-ICO Got Sold 2.4 Million Coins For
$0.01 Cents Each!
=> NOTE: Only 10,500,000 Coin remaining

On July Remaining Coins Are Forked Coins Will Be Listed On 7 Major
Exchanges Already Approved BTCX2!
Their Expert Analyst Forecaster have put a Target Price of $7.80 by
August Or September 2018!

I Suggest Get Them Faster – WHY? Read Below……

=> Just 21M Coincap to match the Original Bitcoin Blockchain, Speeds
Against Bitcoin Cash
have exceeded our Prior Tests too! Our block size is 16mb where as
Bitcoin cash uses 8mb!

=> The Original Protocol for Bitcoin is Very Slow and Outdated, BTCX2
Coin will Allow Extra
Speed and Increased Blocksize which Eliminates the issues Retailers
have when Accepting Crypto!

=> BTCX2 Coin comes with its OWN Core Wallet, while many Major Wallets
are Supporting Their
Fork including Coinimi, Jaxx & Some Exclusive Online Exchange Wallets!

=> Limited Sales Only Offering 10,500,000 for Sale at $0.01 During
Pre-Fork, On 1st of July
Coins will be Distributed to BTC Holders who meet the Fork Requirements!

=> All Coins Purchased Before June 1st will have the Option to trade
on the Markets prior to
the users Claiming Free Forked Coins After June!

All Coins After ICO Can Be Transferred To Exchanges!

50% Referral Commission – LIMITED TIME For Next Few Days!
If Your Referral Purchases 10,000 Coins the Referrer will Earn 5,000 Coins!
This % will be Changing to Manage the Remaining Coins Left to 25% in
Around few days Time!

100 Minimum BTCX2 Coins For $1 Minimum Buy!
Purchases Reflect Immediately!