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Coinbase Opens First Crypto Index Fund for Accredited U.S. Investors

Posted on
15 June 2018
( 2 days ago )
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Coinbase has presented its Coinbase Index Fund to investors. The fund is only available to accredited U.S. investors who wish to invest between $250,000 and $20 million.

The announcement specified that the Index Fund had registered overwhelming interest from potential investors. The index fund will give investors access to all the digital assets listed on Coinbase, which include Bitcoin 61.47%, Ethereum 27.17%, Bitcoin Cash 8.22%, and Litecoin 3.14% and soon Ethereum Classic, but they could add more if Coinbase lists them in the future. Coinbase’s Asset Management Product Leader Reuben Bramanathan wrote on the official blog:

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The Fund was first announced in March when Coinbase noted that it would give exposure to assets listed on GDAX, the Coinbase crypto exchange, which is now being downgraded in favor of the new Coinbase Pro Service. The Index Fund has been structured as a private fund intended to keep track of the fixed-supply Coinbase index. This measures the general performance of digital currencies on GDAX at a 2 percent management fee. Bramanathan elaborated on the prohibitive criteria for becoming an “accredited investor”,