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Best BitMEX Trading group on Telegram & BitMEX Free Signals

Posted on
5 February 2019
( 2 days ago )
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We have generated an incredible 290%+ Profit in our Bitmex Premium Group – Now the spectacular part is all these signals are automatically executed via our Dynamic BOT on Bitmex

All you need to do is:

a) Set the amount you want the BOT to trade (once)

b) Set the leverage you want the BOT to trade (once)

c) Create a dummy Bitmex Account – test the Bitmex Dynamic BOT on it before moving to real account

Our Bitmex Dynamic BOT is ruling the Bitmex Market – It’s an One time setup & consistent gains

Follow our Free Signal Community & all updates regarding the Bitmex Group here –

We are experts in many Financial Products and Bitmex is something which is the ce