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Written by: cryptoclass on December 20, 2017

At least 15 cryptocurrencies are valued at over $1 billion including bitcoin and ether

Bitcoin and Ether are two of the most-traded cryptocurrencies in the digital currency market. Eventually, they are two of most valued currency as well with market capitalizations of USD 177 billion and USD 46 billion, respectively.

Despite their dominance, various other cryptocurrencies have soared to astronomic heights in terms of market capitalization. As of Wednesday, at least 15 cryptocurrencies have a valuation over USD 1 billion based on circulating supply, including bitcoin and ether, according to the market analytics portal Coinmarketcap.

Here is the list of cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin and ether which have crossed USD 1 billion in valuation:

1. Bitcoin Cash (M Cap: USD 27 billion)

This cryptocurrency came into existence after a split (technically speaking, hard fork) with Bitcoin in August this year.  In the last four months, the market cap has surged to USD 27 billion and the cryptocurrency has seen a growth of 567 percent in its price. On Wednesday, it was trading at an exchange rate of USD 1,602.

2. Ripple (M Cap: USD 11 billion)

Launched by OpenCoin, the Ripple network presents itself as a payment enabler for any kind of currency- digital or real.  Similar to Bitcoin, the network also has its own cryptocurrency by the same name. However, this is not mineable (see note at the bottom) like bitcoin or ether.

The growth in its market cap and price is largely recent. In March, the currency was priced at USD 0.0061 and the market cap was USD 230 million. As of November, the currency is trading at an exchange rate of USD 0.28 and the market cap has soared past  USD 11 billion, a growth of 4,800 percent.

3. Bitcoin Gold (M Cap: USD 5.3 billion)

Another hard fork from bitcoin, this came into existence in October. Despite that the exchange price has slipped by USD 160, the market cap has soared to USD 5.3 billion in a month.


4. Litecoin (M Cap: USD 5.2 billion)

Developed by an ex-Google employee in 2011, this is similar to bitcoin in technology and operation with few minor differences. It has also seen a great surge in valuation in recent past.

The market cap of the cryptocurrency has grown from 192 million in March to 5.2 billion in November, a 27-fold increase. The exchange price has also rocketed from USD 3.85 to USD 97.75 in the same time period.

5. Dash (M Cap: USD 4.95 billion)

Dash or Digital Cash, released in 2014, has seen a massive growth in its valuation in 2017. The cryptocurrency which opened at USD 11.21 at the beginning of the year was trading at USD 642 on Wednesday. A similar cruise can be seen in its market capitalization which has leapfrogged from mere USD 78 million in January to USD 4.95 billion in November.

6. IOTA (M Cap: USD 4.93 billion)

One of the new entrants in the market, IOTA has made more than an iota of difference (pun intended) in its market valuation since June. The exchange rate has almost tripled to USD 1.51 and the market cap has surged from USD 1.7 billion to USD 4.93 billion.

IOTA is also non-minable cryptocurrency like Ripple.


7. Cardano (M Cap: USD 3.5 billion)

Another new entrant in the market, the cryptocurrency has grown to be valued at USD 3.5 billion in just a couple of month. The exchange price has also peaked to USD 0.13 on Wednesday compared to 0.021 on October 1.

Most of its growth has been registered in the last couple of days during which its valuation has more than quadrupled. This is another non-minable cryptocurrency in the list.

8. Ethereum Classic (M Cap: USD 3.29 billion)

A fork of the Ethereum platform, Ether Classic has grown to a peak of USD 3.29 billion in market capitalization since July last year when it was introduced.

Not unlike other cryptocurrencies, most of its growth has been witnessed in last 4-5 months. Currently, Ether Classic is trading at an exchange rate of USD 33.25 compared to USD 0.75 in July 2016.

9. Monero (M Cap: USD 3 billion)

Since its introduction in 2014, the exchange price of Monero has jumped to USD 195 from USD 2.47 in May 2014. It has also grown exponentially in its market valuation to rise to USD 3.01 billion.

10. NEO (M Cap: USD 2.5 billion)

NEO is another non-mineable cryptocurrency which has seen massive growth lately. In last seven months, the market cap of the cryptocurrency has grown over 15,400 percent. Currently, the valuation stands at USD 2.5 billion compared to USD 16 million in May. Similarly, the exchange price has soared to USD 38.06 to USD 0.33 in May.

Besides these, NEM and Stellar Lumens are other two cryptocurrencies which have crossed the valuation of USD 1 billion on basis of circulating supply. These two are also non-mineable cryptocurrency.

Note: Cryptocurrencies for which all the coins or units have been already generated by the developer or operator are known as non-mineable cryptocurrencies. Such cryptocurrencies enter the market largely via Initial Coin Offerings. They are either purchased by investors or distributed by the operators.

Written by: cryptoclass on December 18, 2017

Here Are All The Ways You Can Buy, Trade, And Invest In Bitcoin

Bitcoin trading got a bit easier this week for the average retail investor when Cboe Global Markets Inc CBOE 0.25% launched bitcoin futures trading for the first time. Trading bitcoin may still not be as simple as trading most stocks, but it has made huge strides toward becoming a mainstream investment in 2017.

Here’s a look at all the ways traders can play bitcoin and what may be coming next.


Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform that allows customers to trade bitcoin directly. Coinbase even offers margin trading for traders who qualify under the Commodity Exchange Act. These qualifications are geared more toward institutional investors than small retail traders. Requirements include at least $5,000,000 in discretionary investments for individuals.

GDAX, which is owned by Coinbase, is a platform that allows active trading of bitcoin, as well as Litecoin and Ethereum. Other popular exchanges are Bitttrex, Gemini, and Poloniex.


Grayscale Investments’ Bitcoin Investment Trust GBTC 19.38%, trades on the OTC Market and invests directly in bitcoin. Unfortunately for investors, the GBTC ETF trades at a significant premium to its net asset value. The ETF is currently priced 49.5 percent above NAV, according to Bloomberg.

Bitcoin Options

In May, bitcoin options exchange LedgerX raised $11.4 million in funding to follow-through with its plan to operate a regulated cryptocurrency exchange and clearing house.

In October, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission officially approved LedgerX for derivative clearing, which began later that month. LedgerX reportedly handled more than $1 million in bitcoin derivatives trading in its first week.

Benzinga will bring together some of the Street’s vying voices next week during the PreMarket Prep Bitcoin Special. The free webinar will run Tuesday, Dec. 19, from 8 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. EST. Register for the webinar here!

Bitcoin Stocks

There are a handful of companies that are invested or involved with bitcoin or the cryptocurrency’s blockchain technology. These stocks come with their own risks and will have a looser correlation to bitcoin price movements than trading the cryptocurrency directly. Here are a few:

Several of these companies are small-cap stocks with all the volatility that comes with the territory.

Bitcoin Futures

The closest thing for traders to trading bitcoin in their trading accounts like an actual stock is the new Cboe XBT bitcoin futures contracts. After confirming that the account meets the necessary requirements, buying and selling bitcoin futures is as simple as entering the XBT ticker and clicking “trade.”

CME Group Inc CME 0.35% is expected to launch bitcoin futures trading Dec. 17, and Nasdaq Inc NDAQ 0.31% has said it plans to launch bitcoin futures trading sometime in early 2018.

Where To Trade Bitcoin

Several of the most popular online brokers are already allow bitcoin futures trading, and many more have said they will sometime soon:

  • Interactive Brokers IBKR 0.91% allows long and short bets on bitcoin futures.
  • TradeStation has said it will support Cboe bitcoin futures.
  • Ally Financial has said it will support bitcoin futures trading.
  • TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab, E-Trade and Fidelity are reportedly taking a “wait and see” approach before allowing Bitcoin futures trading on their platforms. (Editor’s note: TD Ameritrade announced late Friday it will allow bitcoin futures trading beginning Dec. 18).

A Big-Board Bitcoin Listing

Of course, many investors would only consider investing in bitcoin if they could get access to the currency directly via an ETF listed on either the Nasdaq or the NYSE. The Securities and Exchange Commission has rejected multiple proposals for big-board-listed bitcoin ETFs, including the proposed COIN ETF backed by the Winklevoss twins.

The SEC has concerns over the lack of regulation of the bitcoin market, but has left the door open for additional proposals. There have reportedly been more than a dozen bitcoin ETF filings that for potential SEC approval, meaning a major Bitcoin ETF with all the regulatory protections of a major exchange listing could be on the way in a matter of months.

Written by: cryptoclass on December 18, 2017

Bitcoin’s incredible rise has been no secret.

What started as pennies is now worth thousands of dollars a unit.

Over the past six months alone, Bitcoin has surged 300%.

But while all this is great if you already owned Bitcoin when it was selling for pennies…

…a second and bigger chance could be here.  

You see, Bitcoin was just the tip of the iceberg.

While Bitcoin is still the most well-known crypto currency, its pace of growth today is nothing compared to other surging crypto currencies.

Ethereum did seven times better than Bitcoin…


…gaining 2,206% in months.


A penny crypto currency called Reddcoin exploded 1,576% in one week.


Penny crypto currency Litecoin went up a whopping 2,823% in 40 days.


And penny currency NEO grew 8,247% in less than 100 days.


But the most incredible gain was seen by a penny crypto currency called NewYorkCoin that surged 2,757% in just one night.

The crypto currency market is, in one word, stratospheric.

It’s growth like this that is making millionaires out of ordinary Americans.

Thomas* started buying penny crypto currencies while he was still a senior in a New York college. Now he’s a millionaire many times over.

Patrick*, a former U.S. Marine, has millions in his bank thanks to penny crypto currencies.

And John*, a math consultant, has enough millions to set himself and his four children up for life, again thanks to crypto currencies.

Penny crypto currencies are turning small sums of money into fortunes…sometimes within days.

Photo: ThinkStock

One penny crypto currency turned $25 into $2,410 in just 10 days.

As you’ve probably already determined, no other investment has been delivering these types of quick gains.

Photo: ThinkStock

Not gold.

Photo: ThinkStock

Not silver.

Photo: ThinkStock

Not real estate.

I’ve identified what I believe is the crypto currency that could lead the charge in the penny crypto currency market.

The best news is this crypto currency still trades for pennies, 17 cents to be exact.

The two best parts about crypto currencies are:

  • The government can’t manipulate them because, just like the Internet, crypto currencies (for the most part) have no barriers and operate outside of government control, and
  • The big banks love them!

Yes, banks have learned they have no choice but to join the crypto currency boom if they plan to stay current with their customers.

Banks have figured out crypto currencies are here to stay and so rather than try to fight the crypto currencies, the banks are joining hands with them.

But not with all crypto currencies.

Having seen the volatility of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies, the banks are picking and choosing very carefully.

In fact, a large number of banks have identified and backed one particular 17-cent crypto currency. It’s…

Not Bitcoin…

Not Ethereum…

Not Litecoin.

And I believe with the backing of the big banks that have already gotten into this play, this 17-cent crypto currency is all but set to grow at a stratospheric pace.

In fact, when news goes mainstream on the banks behind this 17-cent crypto currency…it could send its price soaring beyond $1, even $10…just like other crypto currencies have exploded.

What Exactly Is a Crypto Currency?

Some call it “Internet currency.”

Some call it Bitcoin.

But it is a lot more.

Simply put, it is the currency of the future.

And it has the power to make the dollar, pound, euro, yuan and yen all obsolete.

Here’s why.

Like cash, it lets users receive money and send money anonymously (which can’t be done with debit and credit cards, account transfers and old-fashioned banking wires).

And mostly importantly, it works for transactions over the Internet.

To understand the full potential of crypto currency, let us look at the very popular Bitcoin.


Bitcoin was the first crypto currency to make it big.

But like everything new, it started out very, very small.

I’m talking in pennies.

There was a time, not too long ago, when one Bitcoin cost 0.8 cents…

Just five days later, the value had risen to eight cents. That’s …

Astronomical Growth by Any Standard

Here is a true story.

Bob* first heard about Bitcoin when it appreciated tenfold from eight-tenths of a cent to eight cents over the course of five days.

In the next three months, it almost doubled and went up to 15 cents per Bitcoin.

Bob had seen enough. He invested $3,000 and got a little over 20,000 Bitcoins.

When the price hit $350, more than two thousand times what he paid for, Bob quit his job, sold some of his Bitcoin, and left on a round-the-world trip.

Bob has been traveling the world in ultra-luxurious style for the past four years.

Bob only flies first class and stays exclusively in five-star suites.

The price of Bitcoin kept going up. Bob’s initial investment of $3,000 is now worth $50 million, give or take a few million.

Ever since the price of Bitcoin hit $1, there has been no looking back for Bob. (I changed his name in this presentation to protect his privacy, but this story is real.)

When its price surpassed $2,000 for the first time, Business Insider announced

Bitcoin is going nuclear.”

That record has long been blasted out of the water.

New records have been set.

In less than a decade, the value of Bitcoin has grown from less than one cent to thousands of dollars a unit.

Just to put things in perspective, during the same time…

  • The price of gold moved from $1,128 to only $1,305 an ounce
  • Silver went up from $16.23 to $16.86 per ounce
  • The share price of Apple went up from $27.44 to just $153.49
  • And Netflix saw its share price move up from $7.28 to just $179.20

But just as important as Bitcoin’s astronomical price rise has been the worldwide acceptance Bitcoin ushered in for other crypto currencies.

Bitcoin can now be sent to an International Bank Account Number (IBAN), which allows people to make transactions using Bitcoin on PayPal and Worldpay and other digital payment networks.

And I’m not just talking about e-commerce. Even retail stores are accepting crypto currencies.

According to Business Insider, Japan has opened the floodgates with as many as 260,000 stores there now accepting crypto currencies.

And they’re not the only ones. Bitcoin can now be used to shop everywhere from Subway to Whole Foods to

Even small businesses like the Montessori Schools in Flatiron and SoHo started accepting crypto currencies as tuition fee payments in June 2017.

Marco Ciocca, Co-Founder and Chairman of the schools, says, “We would not be surprised if the percentage of tuition paid in digital currencies continues to grow every year and becomes a substantial portion of our payments”.

Students at Canada’s prestigious McGill University received free Bitcoins as the school offers education classes on crypto currencies.

Seeing this trend, several American universities have made crypto currency courses available for those who are interested in specializing in crypto currency technology.

And the government is taking notice too.

Photo: ThinkStock

In March 2017, Delaware state legislators drafted a bill that would legalize the issuance of Bitcoin. That bill was approved three months later.

Photo: ThinkStock

Other states like Texas, New Hampshire and Nevada are following suit by drafting their own crypto currency bills and regulations.

People and corporations around the world are waking up to the ever-increasing popularity of crypto currencies…and that’s huge news for investors.

Ronnie Moas, the stock picker who holds the #1 ranking from among 3,500 analysts for his 2008-2016 stock performance, said he has…

“…little doubt that 1% of the money in cash, bonds, stocks and gold will end up in crypto currencies.”

…1% of 200 trillion dollars!

That’s equal to 10 times the value of Apple and Google combined!

Given the way billionaires and millionaires from across the globe are investing in crypto currencies, Ronnie Moas’ 1% prediction might come true sooner than later.

Real estate tycoon Mike Novogratz has invested 10% of his net worth in a diverse portfolio of crypto currencies.

Tim Draper, who’s among Worth magazine’s “100 Most Powerful People in Finance,” is a big investor in crypto currencies too.

Bill Gates has gone on record as saying…

“…Bitcoin is better than currency.”

The point I’m trying to make is that the crypto currency market is the hottest thing on the planet right now.

It’s hotter than any paper currency in the world.

It’s hotter than FOREX.

It’s hotter than any stock.

And Bitcoin was just the tip of the iceberg.

In fact, I like to compare Bitcoin’s story to that of the Ford Motor Company.


Ford, the first car company to introduce an assembly line, ruled the auto industry at the beginning.

But as often happens with commercial success, other companies moved in on the action, learned from Ford, and grew even bigger.

Ford, who some would argue invented the automobile, does not even rank as one of the five biggest carmakers anymore.

Bitcoin is moving along similar lines as Ford. Other crypto currencies have capitalized on Bitcoin’s experience and are making their electronic currencies more efficient and easier to use.

In fact, the non-Bitcoin crypto currency market is already worth $50 billion.

And most of these crypto currencies are so cheap right now, even first-timers, who know nothing about them, can afford to invest in crypto currencies without risking much money.


Take a look at how fast crypto currency Mooncoin has gone up. It skyrocketed 863%.


Dimecoin did even better; it went up 1,665%.


Mintcoin really took off; it shot up 2,843%.


And we can’t forget the legendary rise of Sprouts. It went up 29,465%.

Now, here’s where it gets really crazy.

The 863% gain for Mooncoin, 1,665% gain for Dimecoin, 2,843% gain for Mintcoin and 29,465% gain for Sprouts…

all happened in a single week!

That’s how fast these crypto currencies are moving.

I am sure you can see why investing in a penny crypto currency is better than investing in anything else right now.

Out-of-This-World Growth

There are over 1,000 crypto currencies in the market right now.

The majority of them trade for just pennies, just like Bitcoin did back when it started.

And there’s no reason to believe they won’t grow just the way Bitcoin did, if not bigger and even faster.

As I’ve shown you in this presentation, many of them have already begun to skyrocket in price.

Not by 100%.

Not by 200%.

But by thousands of percentage points.

The potential of penny crypto currencies in the months ahead is like that of the magic beans in the fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk.

Remember how Jack throws the worthless beans out of the window at night and sees a beanstalk that grows right up to the clouds the very next morning?

Well, think of these penny crypto currencies as those magic beans.

Crypto currencies that are almost worthless (trading for pennies) can make your investment reach the skies.

Especially the 17-cent crypto currency that is on the verge of a breakout. In fact, if everything goes right for this crypto and it follows the path of Bitcoin, you could…

Script Your Get-Rich Story with This 17-Cent Crypto Currency

Photo: ThinkStock

Remember earlier when I told you about a penny crypto currency that turned $25 into $2,410 in just 10 days and how…

…a penny crypto currency called Reddcoin exploded 1,576% in one week?

Penny crypto currency Litecoin went up a whopping 2,823% in 40 days?

And penny currency NEO grew 8,247% in less than 100 days?

These are all factual; these gains all happened.

But as exciting as those numbers might seem, the 17-cent crypto currency that the banks have invested in could make all those numbers pale in comparison.

Today, this 17-cent crypto currency already has a market capitalization of $7 billion.

That’s because of its incredible transaction speeds.

While Bitcoin can perform only seven transactions per second…

…this 17-cent crypto currency has a processing speed that is thousands of times faster.

Speed is of the utmost importance when it comes to currency transactions.

Now you can see why so many banks are venture funding this little-known 17-cent crypto currency.

This crypto currency has a specific strategy focused on international payments and has already partnered with large global banks.

It is positioning itself in the market as a faster facilitation network for international transactions.

Banks from Switzerland, China, Japan, Canada, India, and Australia are already working with this crypto currency.

These banks have vested interests in seeing this penny crypto currency grow.

No wonder this high-potential penny crypto currency just raised $55 million in venture capital from a bunch of banks and other financial institutions.

Time is of the essence when it comes to this penny crypto currency and I don’t want you to miss out.

All you need to know about it is in this special investor report I’ve just written titled, Bigger Than Bitcoin: The 17-Cent Crypto Currency That Can Make You a Millionaire.

In this report, I tell you:

  • How crypto currencies work and why they are the fastest-growing form of payment for goods and services right now
  • Where crypto currencies trade, how to buy them and how to get the best price…especially if you have never traded crypto currencies before
  • Why crypto currencies are not a fad and why they’ll only grow from here
  • How trading crypto currencies can make you rich
  • Everything you need to know about the 17-cent crypto currency I’ve told you about in this presentation, including where to buy it and when to know it’s the optimal time to take profits and sell it!

In just a moment, I’ll show you how to get Bigger Than Bitcoin: The 17-Cent Crypto Currency That Can Make You a Millionaire for FREE.

But let me finally introduce myself.

My name is George Leong, B. Comm.

Maybe you’ve heard of me. I’m a Senior Editor at Lombardi Publishing Corporation.

Celebrating our 30th year in business, we are one of the world’s largest financial publishers with over one million customers in 141 countries.

I specialize in small-cap tech opportunities that make our lives better while making investors rich.

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In fact, there is a high likelihood that the stock you choose to invest in could lose money.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results—and crypto currencies, regardless of the gains they have been posting, are extremely risky.

The gains I have posted with my Pennies to Millions picks have been good, but for reasons you’ve seen here today, my personal belief is the returns from the 17-cent crypto currency that can make you a millionaire are about to dwarf them all.

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Information like that could potentially pay for itself 100 times over.

But I realize this is an opportunity that could ultimately benefit everyday Americans.

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We are at the precipice of a whole new revolution in the way we pay for things.

Crypto currencies have taken off and their use in the Internet age will only grow from here.

Ethereum already gained 2,206% in six months’ time.

Penny crypto currency Reddcoin exploded 1,576% in one week.

Penny crypto currency Litecoin went up a whopping 2,823% in 40 days.

Penny crypto currency NEO grew 8,247% in less than 100 days.

And this 17-cent crypto currency could certainly repeat the explosive growth story of digital currencies I’ve told you about today…

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So, you’ve seen the charts…

You’ve seen the stories…

You’ve seen the profit potential…

Now is the time you take action.

Written by: cryptoclass on December 18, 2017

December 18th, 2017

Digital currency has emerged as the most profitable investment of 2017.

Across the board, the value of digital currency is soaring. Since the start of the year, most digital currencies have doubled in value. Bitcoin is now more valuable than gold and has surpassed the commodity by over $600!

But Bitcoin’s dominance of the digital currency market is coming to a close. One digital currency is poised to take its coveted crown.

And, at this point, if you want to make money in digital currency, you don’t want to buy Bitcoin — you want to buy its replacement: Ethereum.

Ethereum is a two-year-old digital currency on track to change our world. Ethereum has the potential to be more than just a financial exchange. It’s well on its way to disrupting our digital and financial systems.

This makes it far more lucrative than its digital currency peers, which includes Bitcoin.

In the last two months, Ethereum’s value skyrocketed. Early investors were left breathless by 1,100% gains. And Ethereum is just getting started, which means now is the time to invest.

Wealth Daily has compiled a detailed report about Ethereum and the reasons why you simply can’t afford to miss this opportunity.

Don’t be one of the people who sat on their hands when Bitcoin was $5. Take your chance to capitalize on one of the technologies that will change our future.

You can read all about it in our exclusive report “3 Reasons to Buy Ethereum.”

Inside, you’ll find:

  • Three reasons why Ethereum will become the dominant digital currency.
  • The names of Fortune 500 companies heavily invested in Ethereum development.
  • The name of the major financial institution that already uses the digital currency.
  • Instructions on how you can make your first Ethereum purchase.

To receive your copy, simply enter your email address in the box below. In addition to your free report, you will also receive a subscription to our free daily investment newsletter, Wealth Daily.

But hurry! Our digital copies are limited and the report won’t be available for long.

Written by: cryptoclass on December 18, 2017

$1.91 Trillion Bitcoin Shock

“With one single move, Amazon will shock the world and create an opportunity for anyone to turn $100 into a retirement fortune in the next 12 months…while minimizing your risk.”
– James Altucher, crypto millionaire

WARNING: This opportunity disappears on February 2, 2018 at 4p.m.

Dear Reader,

Just a few days from now…

Retail giant Amazon will create a once-in-a-generation opportunity…

For anyone to turn a single $100 bill into a retirement fortune in the booming cryptocurrency market…

… in a matter of months.

Once Amazon executives utter the 5 words you see below…

They’ll release a wealth explosion like we’ve never seen before…

A potential $1.91 trillion money revolution.

And it could begin as early as February 2!

But I have to warn you…

What you’re about to read is a bit controversial…

I’ve already received hundreds of hate tweets for publicly speaking about this announcement.

They’ve accused me of “pulling a stunt…”

And called me “fake news guy” and a “con artist.”

But guess what?

Just a few days after I first went public with my findings…

Some shocking news about Amazon broke…

A “smoking gun” that essentially confirms this could happen as early as February 2…

Disrupting the entire $1.91 trillion e-commerce market.

I’ll show you that “smoking gun” in just a moment.

But here’s what you need to know right now…

If you’re not positioned in the right cryptocurrencies…

You could be cheating yourself out of the only chance you’ll EVER have…

To turn a single $100 bill into a retirement fortune… in a matter of months.

And it couldn’t be easier.

Even if you know nothing about cryptocurrencies…

All you have to do is follow my instructions below BEFORE Amazon makes the announcement.

And no, I’m not talking just about buying Bitcoin… the “granddaddy” of all cryptocurrencies.

The quick fortune in Bitcoin has already been made by those who got in early, when Bitcoin was trading for cents.

Right now, the BIG money is in the smaller cryptocurrencies.

Because unlike the “expensive” Bitcoin…

Many of These Lesser-Known Digital
Currencies Are Trading for Pennies!

In fact, I already made an investment that returned a total profit of $1.8 million…

From one single cryptocurrency trade!

And I recently bought another cryptocurrency for just 52 cents!

It’s already up 800%… in just three weeks!

Many other cryptos are trading for pocket change.

That means you could get started with a single $100 bill…

And if you take a position before the Amazon shock…

You could cash out with a retirement fortune just a few months from now…

Just like what happened with early Bitcoin investors.

I know that’s a huge claim…

But this kind of get-rich-quick opportunity is ALREADY happening.

Look what happened with Verge, a new cryptocurrency that improved upon Bitcoin’s privacy technology…

Most people have never heard of it…

But had you invested a single $100 bill earlier this year…

You could have cashed out with $57,236…

In a little more than two months.


Isn’t that incredible?

In my entire 30+ year career on Wall Street…

I’ve never seen any other investment that could make as much as 572 times your money… in just a couple of months.

And Verge is not the only cryptocurrency that’s booming.

Look what happened with DigiByte, a digital currency designed to protect its users against cyber threats.

Just a few months ago, you could have bought it for pennies!

And had you put in $100 earlier this year…

It would have ballooned to as much as $30,628.

Digibyte Charts

Again, this explosion happened in a matter of months.

And you can make even more money if you’re a little more ambitious.

The more you put in… the higher your gains.

In the case of DigiByte, for example…

You could have turned a $2,000 investment into a $612,578 retirement fortune.

Most people can’t make that kind of money in their lifetime.

And yet, you could have done it in just a couple of months earlier this year.

Amazing, right?

Something similar happened with another cryptocurrency called Nexus…

Had you invested $100 when it was trading for pennies…

You could have walked away with $66,666!


Invest a little more, say, $2,000…

And you’d be looking at an incredible payout of more than $1.3 million.


You, a certified millionaire in a matter of months… from one single trade.

Of course, past performance doesn’t always equal future success.

There is no such thing as absolute certainty when it comes to investing…

Which means you might not see gains 100% of the time.

But do you see now why historians will call this the biggest financial boom ever?

And here’s the thing…

As incredible as these gains are…

That’s just a small taste of what’s coming in the next 12 months.

How do I know that?

Because Amazon could be about to release $1.91 trilion in new crypto wealth…

Giving you the chance to turn $100 into a retirement fortune in the coming months…

All while minimizing your risk.

That’s the good news.

Now, here’s the bad news…

Like every single boom in history, this cryptocurrency bonanza won’t last forever.

In fact, it could be all over by next year.

And when it’s over, you’ll NEVER see a get-rich-quick opportunity like this again…

Not in your lifetime.

What does that mean for you?

It means today you have a very small window of opportunity to act…

One that’s closing with each passing day. In fact…

Every Day You Wait, Someone Else is Growing Rich from Cryptocurrencies

Just take a look at the recent gains from some of these digital currencies…

Digital Currency Gains

These are NOT annual gains.

These are NOT monthly gains.

These are gains that happened in a 24-hour period!

Some of these cryptocurrencies are jumping 28%… 49%… and even 90%…


Look at your retirement statement right now…

I have no idea what you’re doing with your money…

But I guarantee you’re NOT making these types of daily gains.

These gains are unheard of!

It’s why historians will call this the biggest BOOM ever!

And if you miss it…

I guarantee you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.

That’s why I’m writing this urgent message…

To show you how to position for the Amazon shock…

But Before I Give You All the Details I Should Probably Introduce Myself

Hi, I’m James Altucher.

If my name sounds familiar, maybe you’ve read one of my 18 books, including best-sellers The Power of No and Choose Yourself

Maybe you’ve read some of my articles published in The Wall Street JournalThe Financial Times and The New York Observer

Or listened to my podcast “The James Altucher Show,” which has more than 20 million downloads.

If you look me up online, you’ll see that the popular website Wikipedia describes me as…

“A hedge fund manager, entrepreneur, best-selling author, venture capitalist and podcaster who has founded or cofounded more than 20 companies.”

I guess they forgot to mention I’m also a computer nerd.

I wrote my first computer program in 1982 on an Apple II+…

And I’ve been a coder and hacker for the past 35 years!

I’m telling you this because when it comes to cryptocurrencies…

That’s a BIG deal.

You see, these digital currencies are created by computer programmers.

That means you can only fully understand them if you can read the code behind each currency.

And that’s my bread and butter.

I even know many of the computer geeks who are actually developing these currencies.

And thanks to my nerdy background, I’ve been neck deep in cryptocurrencies since 2013.

In fact, that same year I created what was probably the first Bitcoin online “store”…

Where I presold my book Choose Yourself exclusively on Bitcoin.

At the time, CNBC even invited me to talk about it on live TV.

The anchor was totally skeptical of Bitcoin.

He insinuated I didn’t really care about cryptocurrencies… and was just pulling a marketing stunt.

You can see my shocking response in the 30-second clip below…

Wistia video thumbnail - ALR_CNBC_BITCOIN

While I was telling everyone Bitcoin would succeed…

The mainstream media was saying the exact opposite.

A contributor for Business Insider called Bitcoin “something strange.” And they questioned “why anyone would think it’s useful.”

A CNN op-ed said it was “a big scam designed to enrich its shadowy creators”… and “a bubble that could soon pop.”

And Slate published an article with the headline “Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme — the internet’s favorite currency will collapse.”

So if you missed the Bitcoin boom, it’s not your fault.

The mainstream media simply “brainwashed” most Americans into thinking Bitcoin was a scam.

Well, had you ignored the clueless mainstream media…

And listened to what I said on CNBC instead…

You would be up 3,710% today.


That’s more than 38 times your money in the last four years…

Enough to turn a small retirement account of 10 grand into a $381,044 retirement fortune!

I’m telling you this because I want you to realize that the mainstream media is clueless when it comes to new technologies.

Case in point…

Let Me Show You One More Example Where I Was Actually Mocked on Live TV

In 2007, shortly after Yahoo offered to buy Facebook for $1 billion…

I went on CNBC and predicted the company would be worth at least $100 billion.

They thought I was crazy. And I was actually mocked on live TV.

You can see the short 30-second clip below. (It’s quite entertaining.)

Wistia video thumbnail - ALR_CNBC_FACEBOOK

Today, Facebook is worth more than $400 billion…

And had you bought shares 5 years ago, you’d be up 870%!


A few years after I made my Facebook prediction, CNBC published this headline… admitting I was right!

Altucher Called Facebook $100 Billion Company in '07

Bottom line…

Don’t expect the mainstream media to show you how to make a fortune from new tech trends, including digital currencies.

Because they’re always late to the party.

Without my 3-step script, they’re totally lost.

Not to mention that there’s a lot of misinformation out of there…

Some of my followers are getting scammed into investing in the wrong cryptocurrencies.

That’s why I’ve made it my mission to reveal the TRUTH about making money in this booming market.

It’s time for me to set the record straight.

So please pay close attention…

Because in the next few minutes, I will show you how I’m preparing for this Amazon shock…

I’ll show you what I’m doing with my own money… my family’s fortune… the money I plan to leave to my kids and grandkids.

Then you can decide for yourself if this is right for you.

But the truth is…

Dozens of Cryptocurrencies Are Exploding 3,475%, 21,611% and Even 81,465%… in a Matter of Months

Take a look…

Cryptocurrency Explosions

The few people who understand what’s going on are already making a life-changing fortune.

People like Alan A., a 47-year-old San Franciscan.

Less than a year ago, he bought three digital currencies…. Ether, Golem and Gnosis.

Within six months, he turned his $8,500 initial investment into $7.5 million!

That’s a return of 88,000%… in a matter of months!

Incredible, right?

Sean I. from New York scored big wins in cryptocurrencies like Game, Litecoin, Ripple and Dogecoin.

And he was able to turn his initial stake of $15,000 into a $3 million fortune…

In less than two years.

After becoming a crypto millionaire, he said:

“Anybody right now with half a mind and at least four fingers can click some buttons and get in on this inevitable exponential rise in crypto and make an INSANE amount of money.”

As amazing as these gains are…

That’s just the beginning…

A small taste of what’s coming.

Because on February 2, Amazon is hosting a special event at precisely 4 p.m.

And if their executives utter the 5 words you’ll see below…

It will trigger a mad rush into cryptocurrencies.

If you take a position right now…

In the right cryptos (I’ll show you which ones)…

You could turn a single $100 bill into a retirement fortune in the next 12 months.

And don’t worry if you’ve never invested in cryptocurrencies before…

Even if you have no clue what a digital currency is…

You could still walk away with a life-changing fortune…

Because I’ve put together an exclusive beginner’s guide package just for you.

And I’d Like to Send You This Cryptocurrency Package… FREE of Charge


It includes my brand-new book called Cryptocurrencies 101: How to Make a Fortune From Digital Currencies (not available on Amazon or anywhere else)…


A never-before-released 6-video series Masterclass on Cryptocurrencies, where I’ll walk you step by step through the entire process.

As far as I know, there’s nothing like this out there.

I could probably charge hundreds of dollars for this package.

But for reasons that will become clear soon, I want you to have it for FREE.

I’ll show you how to claim it in just a moment.

And there’s no time to waste. In preparation for the Amazon shock…

The Smart Money is Going All In

With hundreds of cryptocurrencies exploding 3,475%, 21,611% and even 81,465%…

The smart money is now investing in these smaller, lesser-known digital currencies.

Forbes even published the following headline recently…


And went on to say:

“Given how many new crypto millionaires have been minted… old hands in finance who want in on this new world of value are launching funds.”

Aside from these 15 new hedge funds…

There are 70 more in the pipeline!

Once all these 70 funds get set up, billions in new capital will flow into these cryptocurrencies…

Helping push them even higher.

Ronni Moas, founder of Standpoint Research, explains this gold rush:

“The floodgates are opening. I believe there are hedge funds and very deep-pocketed individuals going into this now, really hundreds of millions of dollars.”

And get this…

Fidelity, which has $6.2 trillion in assets under management, has just partnered with Coinbase, the most popular cryptocurrency exchange.

Imagine what will happen if some of those trillions start moving into cryptos!

Simply put, institutional investors are jumping in with both feet.

And to Prove My Point,
Here’s an “Inside Scoop”…

Andreessen Horowitz and Sequoia Capital are two of the most highly respected venture capital firms in Silicon Valley.

That’s because they tend to see major technology trends before anyone else.

They’ve made billions by investing very early in social media companies like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Simply put, when these guys invest in something new, you should pay close attention.

Well, Forbes has just reported that they’re “secretly” investing in a cryptocurrency fund called MetaStable.

And I knew that way before the media reported on it. How?

Because I’m good friends with one of the founders of the fund.

Me and Tony Robbins
Me and the Founder of Fubu, Daymond John
Me and Shark Tank Star Robert Herjavec at a Venture Capital Conference

You see, in the last 30 years I’ve built connections that go from the head of Google X (Google’s experimental laboratory)…

To Peter Thiel, founder of PayPal and early investor in Facebook…

To billionaire Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and “Shark Tank” TV show star.

I’m also connected with just about every big hedge fund manager in Manhattan…

And every major venture capital firm on both the East Coast and in Silicon Valley.

I can see behind the scenes that the “smart money” is now getting heavily involved in cryptocurrencies.

My billionaire friend Mark Cuban is investing in it… Google is in it… and so is billionaire Richard Branson.

With All This Money Flowing In, It’s No Wonder Many Cryptocurrencies are Exploding this Year

Remember when I said you could turn $100 into a retirement fortune?

Look what happened with a little-known cryptocurrency called NEM.

It has jumped as high as 291,142% in the last couple of years.

That’s enough to turn a single $100 bill into $291,242.

NEM ChartsThat’s more than three times what the average retiree has in their retirement account.

Amazing, right?

Imagine adding almost $300,000 to your nest egg…

Starting with just $100… in just a couple of years!

That’s the power of these smaller cryptocurrencies.

Or look what happened with another digital currency called Ethereum…

EthereumHad you put in just $500…

It would have ballooned into a retirement fortune of as much as $407,822… in just a couple of years.

And if you invested a little more, you could’ve literally walked away with millions.

For example, a $5,000 investment in another cryptocurrency called SibCoin…

Could have paid you a $2.8 million fortune… in a matter of months.

SIBCoin ChartsIsn’t that incredible?

No wonder the “smart money” wants a piece of the pie.

Look, I recently had lunch with several hedge fund managers and other “Wall Streeters” in New York…

And they were all asking me about cryptocurrencies.

They want to know how to get involved…

Because they know we’ll NEVER see a boom like this again.

But While the “Smart Money” is Going All In… Everyday Folks Are Totally in the Dark

If you don’t know anything about cryptocurrencies, don’t worry.

You are NOT alone.

Despite the massive investments from “the smart money”…

Despite all the newly minted millionaires…

And despite this exploding market…

Most people don’t even know what a cryptocurrency is.

To this date, less than one in ten thousand people has invested in Bitcoin.

Just ask your friends, spouse and neighbors what they think of Ethereum, Litecoin and Monero.

I bet they’ll have no clue what you’re talking about.

That’s because the masses are NOT participating in this boom.

Not yet!

Professor Panos M., Chair of the Department of Economics at Long Island University in New York, agrees with me.

He said we’re still missing “a broad participation beyond the ‘pioneers’ and the ‘early adopters.’”

It’s only when the public joins the trend that we’ll see the biggest gains.

It’s the masses that will push cryptocurrencies to the moon.

And That’s Exactly What’s Set to Happen on February 2

You see, with cryptocurrencies minting new millionaires seemly everyday…

This epic boom is starting to grab some headlines.

Take a look…

The Guardian
Michael Novogratz
Brian Kelly
Henry BlodgetWith cryptocurrencies gaining publicity…

The masses will NOT remain on the sideline for much longer.

In fact, I want you to mark February 2 on your calendar…

Because this Single Event is About to Catapult Cryptocurrencies into the Most Explosive Stage of the Boom

Simply put, this event will trigger a buying frenzy…

And help mint a new round of crypto millionaires.

You see, big tech companies like Microsoft and Overstockare already accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment.

But what would happen if the world’s largest online retailer started doing the same?

We’re about to find out…

Because with the popularity of Bitcoin exploding…

With people like Bill Gates saying cryptocurrencies are “the future of money”…

And with big economies like Japan legalizing Bitcoin as a form of payment…

I am certain that Amazon WILL ACCEPT Bitcoin.

They have no choice.

And if other retailers follow their lead (like they always do)…

This will not only revolutionize the entire $1.91 trillion e-commerce market…

But also create massive generational wealth unlike we’ve ever seen before.

When I first went public with this idea, I received tons of hate messages.

But just a few days later, CNBC broke the news:

“Amazon has secured three new domain names related to cryptocurrency, sparking speculation that the e-commerce giant could be preparing a move into the cryptocurrency space.

Yes, retail giant registed these three domains………


Why would they do that if they had no interest in cryptocurrencies?

If you were looking for a smoking gun, it doesn’t get better than that.

Make no mistake…

Amazon executives will soon say these five words:

“We Are Now Accepting Bitcoin”

Of course, only CEO Jeff Bezos knows for sure when that will happen…

But given the fact that Amazon has been laying the groundwork…

It could happen as early as February 2, at 4 p.m., during its next earnings conference call.

Which is why you need to act RIGHT NOW.

You see, eBay, Amazon’s biggest competitor, has already expressed interest in accepting Bitcoin payment.

And according to Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne, Amazon will soon have no choice but to start accepting Bitcoins. He said:

“They have to follow suit. I’ll be stunned if they don’t, because they can’t just cede that part of the market to us, if we’re the only main, large retail site taking Bitcoin.”

Look, Amazon Web Services has already been working with Digital Currency Group, one of the biggest investors in the cryptocurrency technology.

And Amazon executive Scott Mullins has confirmed it…

Amazon is “working with financial institutions and [crypto experts] to spur innovation and facilitate frictionless experimentation.”

Once they make the announcement, the impact on cryptocurrencies will be huge.

We’ll see a buying frenzy like never before.

It’ll be like a Black Friday crowd at Best Buy.

Only those who get in early will get a good deal.

Most people will be left out.

That’s why I urge you to get in right now…

Get ahead of the crowd…

Ahead of the massive buying frenzy that will push cryptocurrencies straight up.

If you get in before February 2…

You will have a rare chance to turn $100 into a retirement fortune.

After that date, this window of opportunity will be slammed shut forever.

You’ll never see an opportunity like this again… not in your lifetime.

But DO NOT Rush to Buy Every Cryptocurrency Out There!

You see, right now there are 840 cryptocurrencies available.

And if you blindly buy any of those…

There’s a 95% chance you’ll lose all your money.

That’s because 95% of them are worthless… and will eventually go to zero.

Here’s the truth you won’t hear anywhere else…

Many of these digital currencies don’t have the technology necessary to make them a viable form of money…

Some can be printed willy-nilly…

Others can be easily hacked…

And others are simply a scam.

How do I know that?

Because aside from being a computer coder myself…

I know other computer hackers who have looked into the codes of these currencies.

For example, one of my contacts analyzed the cryptocurrency The DAO… and discovered it was very susceptible to hacking.

I stayed away from that specific digital currency.

Sure enough, it was hacked… and investors lost millions.

Look, I’ll be the first to concede that most of these tiny cryptocurrencies are risky speculations…

But if you’re avoiding ALL cryptocurrencies, well…

You’re costing yourself tens of thousands… even millions of dollars!

Because the truth is…

Cryptocurrencies Are Here to Stay!

They’re doing to money what the internet did to mail.

It’s the future of money.

Saying cryptocurrencies are going away, it’s like saying the internet is going away.

It’s not going to happen.

But you’ll only make money if you buy the RIGHT cryptocurrencies!

Remember what happened during the 1990s tech boom?

A lot of people made a fortune during the boom.

I personally made $15 million in 1998 alone.

And those who invested in enduring companies like Amazon, Google and eBay got very, very rich.

At the same time, scores of foolish day traders and IPO junkies got crushed…

Because they invested in the wrong tech companies…

Companies that were worthless garbage.

That history is repeating itself right now in the cryptocurrency space.

Only a handful of these digital currencies can really help you make money…

And I want to show you which ones.

Everything You Need to Know is
Inside this FREE Package


To help you get started, I’d like to send you this FREE package…

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Inside the book Cryptocurrencies 101: How to Make a Fortune From Digital Currencies, you’ll discover…

***The #1 cryptocurrency to buy right now. (No, it’s not Bitcoin.)

It’s already up 3,432% this year alone.

But that’s just the beginning. With Fortune 500 companies, like JP Morgan Chase, Intel and Microsoft, investing in this currency… the potential here is really explosive.

Even better… it’s trading for a fraction of Bitcoin’s price.

But it won’t remain cheap for long. See the details on page 37.

***The #1 mistake cryptocurrency investors are making right now.

This could be the most important part of the book.

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Hint: You can do this even if you know nothing about computers. See page 25.

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With these 3 simple steps, you’ll be able to tell which cryptocurrencies are legit… and which ones are a scam.

If a currency does not check all these 3 boxes, forget about it. (Page 50.)

***How to invest in the booming cryptocurrency industry directly from your retirement account.

With this secret, you will not need to fill out extra paperwork… or open an account with a digital currency broker.

You can even use your IRA. Simply follow my instructions on page 61.

And much, much more…

You’ll find everything you need to get started inside this FREE book…

From the philosophy behind digital currencies… to opening an account… to finding the right currencies to buy.

And don’t worry, investing in cryptocurrencies is so easy a kid can do it…

Just look at Erik F., a 12-year-old kid from Idaho.

He started with a small investment of $1,000 in Bitcoin…

And was able to turn that into a $1.2 million fortune.

If he can do it, anyone can!

And to make your life even easier…

This Package Also Includes A Never-Before-Released 6-Video Series Masterclass on Cryptocurrencies

You see, rather than just leaving you with a book…

I wanted to walk you step by step through the entire process… on camera.

So here’s what I did…

I used my contacts in New York to select four people who knew nothing about cryptocurrencies.

I put them in a room with me… and got the cameras rolling.

These are everyday folks just like you…

People who want to make a fortune from cryptocurrencies…

But don’t know how to get started.

I wanted to prove to you that anyone can do this.

I’ve recorded everything and I’d like to send you this 6-video masterclass for FREE.

I’ll personally “hold your hand” and teach you everything I know about how to make money from cryptos.

In a moment, I’ll show you how you can access everything.

First, you might be wondering why I’d go through all this work…

Why not just keep this information to myself and make a fortune?

To answer that, let me tell you a very personal story that explains everything…

How My Bank Account Balance Went from $15 Million to Just $143

As I mentioned, I’m already profiting from cryptocurrencies…

And my team of venture capitalists even banked $1.8 million recently.

But life has not always been this “easy” for me.

You see, a few years ago I lost my entire life savings.

Back in 1998, I made $15 million when I sold my first company, called Reset.

But I was young and stupid.

And within three and a half years, I went from millionaire to having just $143 left in my bank account.

Let me tell you…

It’s not a good feeling when you have no clue how you’ll pay your mortgage… or your children’s education.

I was so broke and depressed that suicide crossed my mind.

I thought maybe my two little girls would be better off with the $4 million payout from my life insurance policy.

But then I recovered… got my act straight… and launched new, successful businesses.

And here I am…

Today I’m doing everything I can to make sure my kids and grandkids will NEVER go through the financial nightmare I went through.

And I don’t want YOU to go through that either.

Today you have a once-in-a-generation chance to secure a comfortable retirement… once and for all.

I sincerely believe those who take the right steps today could make a killing from cryptocurrencies.

A year from now, you could be traveling around the world…

Spending time in your new luxury home in the south of France…

Or simply drinking a cocktail with your loved ones in some exotic beach…

With the peace of mind that only comes when you KNOW you’ll never have to worry about money again.

I’m talking about making enough to fund your entire retirement…

And still leave money for your kids and grandkids.

You Can Get Started Today with this FREE Cryptocurrency Package. Here’s How to Claim It

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I publish a monthly income and opportunity briefing called The Altucher Report.

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The same thing will happen with the crypto rush.

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This is exactly how I’ve made some great gains in recent years, including…

6,000% on an early investment in Buddy Media (a social media platform now owned by Salesforce)…

2,600% on an early investment in Ticketfly (a competitor to Ticketmaster, which lets you purchase tickets to events online)…

1,200% in a little-known cloud computing firm…

But that’s the past…

Looking ahead, I’m now focusing on the seven newest and most important big trends in America today.

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August 2017

Written by: cryptoclass on November 15, 2017


Will Send This Tiny Cryptocurrency Soaring

If you don’t invest in cryptocurrency right now, you could regret it for the rest of your life…

If you have ever thought about cryptocurrencies as an investment, I urge you to listen to what I have to say.

Because if you make the right picks, you could find yourself jumping for joy on top of an enormous pile of cash.

Ready or not, a growing number of economies, banks, and billionaires are backing these new forms of tender.

And once you understand how easy it is to profit from cryptocurrencies , it’s easy to see why…

The cryptocurrency market is preparing to take off.

Anything you’ve seen up to this point is going to be shadowed by the amount of money that’s about to come pouring in.

And for investors who get in before November 30th, digital currencies are going to be a once-in-a lifetime opportunity…

And just one investment – even one under $100 – could put you one step closer to being wealthier than you’ve ever dreamt of…

And here’s the best part…

You don’t have to know a single thing about cryptocurrencies to build your fortune.

Just give me 5 minutes and I’ll show you how…

The only caveat is that you must act quickly…

Because on November 30th, one event could send a tiny cryptocurrency soaring upwards of 319,000%

And all you have to do is wait for my word, and you stand to make millions in easy money.

Investors who wait idly on the sidelines until the media tells them ‘buy now’ are going to lose out on millions and potentially billions of dollars.

And if you wait for the media to tell you when cryptocurrencies are safe, you’ll be doing just that…

Now, before I proceed, I have to tell you something…

It’s not what you think…

I’m not talking about buying Bitcoin…

Jamie Dimon was right… Bitcoin is a fraud… It’s useless.

And, I’m not necessarily talking about Ethereum.

You see, the easy Bitcoin money has already been made.

Ethereum still has plenty of upside potential, but…

If you buy Ethereum now, the most you’ll see is hundreds of percent gains…

I’m not here to double or triple my money, when I can potentially create 10X, 100X or ever 1,000X my money on November 30th.

And any of my followers can tell you…

When I share an opportunity like this…
A lot of people can become incredibly wealthy

My name is Michael Robinson.

You might recognize my from my regular appearances on Fox Business, CNBC, CCTV, and MSNBC.

In the above video from 2014, I told Stuart Varney and guests that bitcoin was not over… not by a long shot.

If Stuart and his viewers had listened to me, they could have turned $1,000 into $253,000.

I have been a board member for a Silicon Valley venture capital firm and a senior advisor to 12 high-tech start-ups.

In the ’80s, I was involved with sensitive military projects tied to President Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative.

And in the late ’90s, just north of Silicon Valley, I took part in mapping out what would become the $160 billion “cloud computing” industry.

In 2013, I told my readers about Bitcoin in my book, “The Bitcoin Virtual Roadmap.”

Readers who took action when I said to had a chance at seeing 569% gains in less than 6 weeks.

And if those readers had held for 6 more weeks, they could have seen gains of 1,663%.

Take Joshua Herring…

He started making money immediately…

Nowadays, you’re probably getting tired of hearing about smart homes, smart cars, smart phones, smart frying pans – every smart gadget.

Well I was “in” early on that massive trend as well.

And when North America started having a conversation about the legalization of Marijuana, my readers had a chance to turn even bigger gains!

Readers like Barry Ponce.

He says he made over $39,000 in a month and a half.

And Jeff Wentz says he made nearly $45,000 – in under a month. Now he’s targeting his first million.

And so far this year, a whopping 97% of my trades have been winners.

I want to repeat that…

This year, 97% of my recommendations have been winners.

But that’s all in the past.

The opportunity I’m talking about today has the potential to mint millionaires virtually overnight.

And it all starts in a few short weeks, on November 30th.

I’ll tell you more about that in a few minutes.

Right now, I’d like to give you a quick rundown of my three rules for buying cryptocurrencies .

If I want to keep my 97% win rate, every cryptocurrency I touch must adhere to every single one of these rules.

Rule #1: The Asset Must Have Intrinsic Value

When Bitcoin first launched – the concept was simple: An electronic payment system based on mathematical proof.

The idea was to produce a currency independent of any central authority, transferable electronically, more or less instantly, with very low transaction fees.

Ethereum took the concepts that drive Bitcoin’s growth several steps further…

The Ethereum blockchain not only provides greater security, anonymity, and functionality; it also gives the Ether tokens intrinsic value.

The value of Ether tokens is based upon the demand to build on the Ethereum blockchain.

Because of Ethereum’s superior security, and functionality, Significantly more fortune 500 companies are building platforms on the Ethereum blockchain than any other.

Just look at some of the players…

From banking giants like…

  • J.P Morgan
  • Credit Suisse
  • UBS
  • ING
  • National Bank of Canada
  • And more…

To other multinational corporations like…

  • BP
  • Intel
  • Mastercard
  • Samsung
  • Toyota
  • Microsoft
  • And more…

In all, there are over 100 companies, including the ones above, who are members of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA).

The EEA connects Fortune 500 enterprises, startups, academics, and technology vendors with Ethereum.

That means they’re betting big on Ethereum.

And with every application they build on the Ethereum blockchain will come a Fortune 500 bump in demand for Ether.

Ether is designed to be safer than the U.S. Dollar, or physical gold…

And, Ether’s intrinsic value is the crux of its design.

Rule #2: The Asset Must Be New… But Not Too New

You may have see this chart before…

You’re looking at the 5 Customer Segments of Technology Adoption.

And I’m going to show you exactly where you want to buy a cryptocurrency.

Segment #1: Innovators

Innovators get in on the groundfloor of some very interesting startups.

But without awareness from the general public, they have no way of telling whether a technology will thrive.

I do not recommend you buy a cryptocurrency at this stage.

It’s too risky for me…

Remember, I have a 97% win rate to uphold.

Segment #2: Early Adopters

Consider the early adopters, “testers.”

Early adopters basically decide whEther a technology is useful or not.

They tell us whEther our cryptocurrency is worth what its creators have touted.

They’re still in a risky spot – just not nearly as risky as the innovators.

Segment #3: Early Majority

If you invest here…

Cross your fingers and hope your investment is a sure thing…

Because you’ll be lucky to even see gains of 20% in a year.

I believe this is where we are with Bitcoin — and that well may have already dried up.

Segment #4: Late Majority

The late majority are typically skeptical about innovation…

Many of my readers fall into this category.

I get it… And it’s ok.

They’re the readers of mine who are genuinely overwhelmed with the fast pace of the technology world, but they understand how important technology is to the current (and future) U.S. Economy.

They read my work so they can comfortably invest in technology without having to worry about what the newest iPhone will mean for Apple shares; or what the Presidents Tweets mean for Twitter stock.

The majority are some of my biggest supporters, and I’ve helped a lot of them become very wealthy over the years.

Segment #5: Laggards

No matter how technologically illiterate you are, you do not fall into this group.

After all, you’re reading this letter on a device that’s connected to the internet.

Laggards may not even be using digital computers yet.

These are the folks who invest by burying gold in their back yards, because they don’t even trust banks.

I get it… I’m ok with them, too.

I just wish I could teach them about cryptocurrencies .

Because cryptocurrencies were built out of distrust for banks.

And they have several advantages over banks…

Cryptocurrencies Are 100% Anonymous

I don’t mean “anonymous” like, no one will be able to track how much money you have invested in cryptocurrencies , or whether you made a transaction or not.

That part is airtight. Better than any bank today.

I mean, no one has to know your personal details.

Think about it like this – your bank might use your social security number to connect your assets and make assumptions about how you should invest.

cryptocurrencies and blockchains instead use a unique ID.

Meaning, your personal information, like Social Security Number, is at a significantly lower risk of ever being stolen.

Yes, that’s right…

The use of cryptocurrency, and blockchain could have prevented last month’s data breach that threatens the safety of all of our personal information.

Cryptocurrencies Are 100% Legal Tax Havens

So, not only are some blockchains safer places for your money than banks…

They’re also legal tax havens.

You see, any money you keep in Ethereum is non-taxable.

It’s like keeping your money in a Cayman Island bank account…If the Cayman Island bank offered a potential for an exceptional 319,000% gain.

So, when should I buy?

In my years as a silicon valley venture capitalist, I’d buy, and recommend during the innovators stage

I even place my stock recommendations there…

The world of cryptocurrencies is different.

It’s volatile, and unpredictable.

The downside for innovators is HUGE…

And the upside for the early majority is still larger than even the riskiest conventional investments.

That’s why I recommend buying when the early adopters stage is exactly 75% complete.

Investing at this stage can help avoid a vast majority of risk, and puts us in position for the fastest and easiest gains.

Rule #3: The Asset Must Be an ERC-20 Token

I could go on and on about the benefits of ERC-20 Tokens…

But, I’ll spare you the technical jargon.

In short, ERC-20 tokens are cryptocurrencies that are built on the Ethereum blockchain, and must comply to a specific set of standards.

As previously mentioned, Ethereum is the most powerful blockchain in existance.

ERC-20 tokens are able to harness the security and power of the Ethereum blockchain, and also nourish growth through projects independent of Ethereum as a whole.

So you can buy an ERC-20 cryptocurrency, gain thousands of percentages regardless of what Ether is doing.

And, at the same time, investors who buy a completely separate ERC-20 cryptocurrency should increase the price of Ether, and therefore your cryptocurrency.

ERC-20 tokens present the definition of “having your cake and eating it too.”

I want to tell you a story…

I love America… and I love the freedom and opportunity it creates for us.

This is a story about opportunity in America…

And I think it illustrates the opportunity that’s taking place for every day Americans right now.

The opportunity to create wealth for your family for centuries to come…

The year is 1849.

America was in expansion, and California was growing.

The Spanish (Innovators) who made it out there first, had no idea what mix of opportunity and disaster the new land would bring.

They were looking for gold, but never found it.

Social strife and economics, and the knowledge that California was not out of reach drove more Americans (Early Adoptors) westward.

And, one day – in what we refer to as “the bay area” of California – gold was found.

Not just a little bit of gold…

Enough gold to make the early adapters some of the wealthiest Americans at the time.

Back east, word of the gold strike spread like wild fire.

Now, tens of thousands of Americans (Early Majority) en route to California had one thing on their minds: Gold

Swarms of Americans risked life and limb to make the journey…

And by the time they arrived…

It was too late.

Gold was few and far between.

The early adapters had already claimed almost all of the gold.

The rest of the new Californian settlers had to mine tirelessly for little more than dust.

The story of the California gold rush is almost exactly the same as what’s happening now – and what’s about to happen this year – except for three facts:

  • There is significantly more wealth to be made today, with cryptocurrencies.
  • Building a fortune in cryptocurrencies requires almost no work. (You can trade on your smart phone).
  • You don’t have to risk more than $100 to potentially make millions.

I can’t stress this enough…

The digital currency boom that’s happening right now is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

You may never have a chance to make this kind of money, this easily, ever again in your life…

Making Millions In cryptocurrencies Is As Easy as Investing Gets

Ordinary Americans have been able to build massive fortunes…

Buying up small amounts of cryptocurrencies with their spare change here and there…

They’re watching as their pocket change turns into a six-figure payday.

And I’m Going to Make It Even Easier For You

Now, if you’ve listened to anything I’ve had to say today, you’re asking yourself three questions:

1. What is the next cryptocurrency to take off?

2. What is this event Michael mentioned earlier?

And 3. How do I get in?

That’s where I come in…

The time I’ve spent working with high-tech start-ups has given me access to information less than 1% of crypto investors have access to…

And I have the smartest and most-dedicated research team in the industry.

With them at my disposal, we can evaluate all of the potential initial coin offering (ICO) opportunities…

And find the ones that could mint you a millionaire in a matter of months… weeks… or even days.

Prospective investors would be wise to note that.

The Money Is Pouring In…

Billionaire investor Michael Novogratz estimated that the crypto currency market could reach 5 trillion as early as 2022.

And what’s more… ICO funding hit a record $800 million in Q2 2017.

The cryptocurrency industry is ripe… Right where we want it.

So all you have to do is:

Wait a few weeks for this event to occur…

Follow my lead…

And all you have to do is claim your payout.


What’s important to focus on right now for new investors is a single, binary event that is set to send the entire crypto-space into a parabolic rise.

And it’s coming sooner than you think.

Things Are Moving Quickly…

Russia, a country that had outlawed cryptocurrency in 2016, is now moving towards full legalization.

In fact, Vladimir Putin recently sat down with one of the founders of this cryptocurrency to discuss using it as a tool to diversify the Russian economy.

The Emirate of Dubai has also expressed serious interest. Crown Prince Sheikh Maktoum says he wants Dubai to “execute ALL transactions” with a program that includes this universal currency “by 2020.”

Even the White House is signaling that it is preparing for a future with blockchain technology at the forefront. Chris Liddell, assistant to the president and director of strategic initiatives at the White House said that “Perhaps most important … is implementing foundational data standards now, so that the U.S. can be in position to harness the potential of blockchain and other technologies moving ahead.

“As we look to the future, we want to ensure that today’s reforms do not hinder tomorrow’s adoption of emerging technologies,” he said…

It doesn’t take a genius to see that cryptocurrencies could be the future of money.

And my research indicates that Ethereum could give investors an even bigger return than Bitcoin.

The reason is simple.

A Single Massive Development Could Make This Blockchain Reach Billions of People.

Where once you had a few cryptocurrencies on the fringe…

Now you have a cryptocurrency eco-system – with millions of investors raking in cash from this emerging technology.

And while Bitcoin has been around since 2010 and most of the huge gains have already been made…

Ethereum is still only 2 years old, which is why investors are feverishly bullish on this promising new technology.

Like I mentioned before, there is a major catalyst that will signaling exactly when and what to buy.

The last time this event occurred… the price of Ethereum jumped over 100%.

Since then, ERC-20 tokens have grown 20X that.

And the next phase is rumored to be only weeks away.

My “formula” indicates that this event is going to be the defining moment for Ethereum, and ERC-20 Tokens.

I detail the entire strategy in my briefing, The complete blueprint for profiting from today’s (and tomorrow’s) cryptocurrency boom.

This includes The Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocurrency – which will take you from novice to expert in no time.

In this report, I’ve outlined everything you need to know to make your first step towards making thousands, if not millions from the cryptocurrency boom.

This report is valued at $149…

…and I’m going to give it to you for free.

I guarantee you are joining something revolutionary.

A year from now, you’ll look back and think “I’m going to be telling this story for the rest of my life.

And to show you just how certain of that I am, we’re going to give you another gift…

It’s called The Cryptocurrency Secret Weapon: Your Roadmap to the Digital Treasure Trove.

It contains proprietary advice detailing exact steps to make the best investments for your hard-earned money…

Including what to do before, during, and after the upcoming catalyst that could deliver 319,000% returns virtually overnight.

In plain English, I’ve laid out which ERC-20 tokens, powered by Ethereum, could dominate the blockchain and its technology.

The Cryptocurrency Secret Weapon is currently valued at a retail price of $299…

We’re also going to give you that FREE of charge.

And for my readers today, I have one more special offer…

It’s called Three Stocks Set to Soar from the Cryptocurrency Boom.

The catalysts we discussed today won’t just effect the price of cryptocurrency itself…

It could also have set a few stocks soaring…

We’ve scoured the markets and found the three in the best position for massive windfalls.

You should have no problem purchasing shares of these stocks directly from your broker or your brokerage website…

And again, I’m just going to give you this…at no cost.

I am going to make this as easy as possible for the people who want a shot at the massive money in cryptocurrencies right now.

All you have to do is to become one of the first 1,000 people who agree to a 100% no-risk subscription to Nova-X Report.

The Nova-X Report is your investment research newsletter focused on small little known companies from Silicon Valley and the tech industry.

With The Nova-X Report I’m looking for small companies with a stranglehold, could be a technology, a medical treatment, a process innovation…

If this gives them a stranglehold on a sector with billions of dollars of potential that’s what I’m looking for.

The Nova-X Report takes folks behind the curtain, so to speak, so they can tap into the greatest source of individual wealth creation in the history of the human race.

Venture capitalism.

Just like Bitcoin, for instance. It was the hottest investment story back in 2013 and 2014.

In June of 2013, I alerted readers that the time to get into this digital currency had arrived.

That’s because just weeks before, I had met with several CEOs, founders, and venture capitalists in California. They were at the forefront, developing the currency exchanges and investment funds that would push Bitcoin into the headlines.

At that time, Bitcoin was trading for $90.

Bitcoin skyrocketed 1,192% over the five months that followed.

It peaked at $1,163

People from across the country were making hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Some were even banking millions.

I look at investing in Ethereum and ICOs today just like I did Bitcoin back then.

I believe it gives you the chance to become a millionaire.

That’s why I’m in this business – I want every one of my readers to have a shot at making a fortune for themselves.

I was one of the first to recognize the potential for huge profits from rare earth metals because I personally knew the advisors and board members of many rare earth mining companies.

This allowed me to target four specific companies – Rare Elements Resources Ltd., Avalon Rare Metals Inc., Quest Rare Minerals, and Great Western Minerals Group.

TogEther they delivered 990% total gains in only 16 months.

And across the board, my team and I at Money Morning have time and time again brought the hottest venture capital-like stock opportunities to our readers.

Ambarella… Celldex Therapeutics… Ram Energy Resources… Westport Innovations… Pharmacyclics…

Some of these we’ve already closed out.

Others are still open, and their peak gains are enormous.

These are the types of opportunities I bring readers of the Nova-X Report.

Every month I send members a hard copy and a digital version of each new edition of The Nova-X Report.

Each edition comes with two exciting investment opportunities I’ve personally vetted.

For instance, in a recent Nova-X Report, I shared a pioneer in “cryopreservation” technologies.

This is just starting to be used in cardiac and vascular surgeries involving implantable living human tissue.

Already, 1,000 surgeons at 800 facilities in the U.S. are implementing this company’s breakthrough.

But the growth is about to expand to 75 nations.

In another Nova-X Report edition I found a company that developed a “honeycomb” advanced material. It could create the lightest and fastest aircrafts in history.

From drones to miracle materials like graphene, 3-D bioprinting, “big data” – we’ve targeted opportunities in all of these areas…

Each monthly edition of the Nova-X Report provides a streamlined analysis of two massive trends and a thorough examination of two investment targets.

I’ll cover each company’s financial strength, proprietary technologies, sources of venture capital funding, and profit projections.

Then every week I’ll release the Nova-X Progress Report.

This keeps readers up to speed on any new developments, product launches, earnings reports, and current gains

And whenever the moment arrives to collect any profits, you’ll receive an instant trade alert.

For instance, with Micron Technologies, folks following my research had the opportunity to get in and out of that trade in a single day.

One reader even let me know he captured 140% from that play while on a cruise.
Membership also includes 24/7 access to Nova-X HQ.

This is my exclusive website where I store every intelligence briefing, investment recommendation, and alerts.

And if members have any administrative questions with their subscription, I encourage them to take advantage of The Nova-X VIP Concierge Service.

Today and today only I’m authorizing something special for folks who take action today.

This is something I’ve never done before…

I’m going to let folks try Nova-X for only $5 – the cost to cover our shipping. So it’s more or less a free trial.

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Michael Robinson
Director of Venture Capital and Technology Investing, Money Morning
October 2017

Written by: cryptoclass on October 25, 2017

Wish Finance is an innovative cutting-edge technology start-up company aiming to bring an alternative option to the traditional lending industry, beginning with the Singapore and Hong Kong SME marketplace.

Located in Singapore the company is built and based on technology and is the first alternative lender on numerous fronts, including have direct access to real-time merchant POS payments as well as being the first lender with a transparent portfolio on the Ethereum Blockchain of all funds including borrowers and investors.

Publication of the entire history of issued loans including currently active, paid-up and defaulted are on the Ethereum blockchain, as well as the whole history of active loans performance and transactions on Tendermint blockchain. This will make Wish Finance fully transparent to government agencies, borrowers, community partners, current shareholders and potential investors.

By directly connecting to the real-time transactions of a company and analysing the POS data, Wish Finance can score a merchant based on real cash flow and change the status quo.

Using big data analytics Wish Finance performs the credit underwriting process, approving or declining loan applications based on the borrower’s’ risk score in near real time. Relying heavily on proprietary algorithms and the collection of numerous sources of data directly from the borrower or third parties.

Focusing on fully insured business loans and a limited number of SME’s which accept cashless payments such as debit/credit cards, Apple Pay etc enables the ability to process a loan proposal in less than 24 hours. Beatrice Simons

Written by: cryptoclass on October 22, 2017

The Cryptocurrency boom and the rise of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) have been rapidly redefining the make-up of the finance and investment industries. But with US and China recently issuing their respective rulings, it is clear that regulators around the world are struggling to get to grips with the nature of ICOs, the risks and possibilities involved, and the means to introduce them under regulatory control without stifling innovation.

Join us at Long Finance’s Educational Trade Fair “Digital Currencies Educational Trade Fair” and get the chance to meet with the people that are involved in this exciting space. Alongside the trade fair, you will get the opportunity to attend 10-minute talks on the following topics:

Also launching “The London Token Fundraising Manifesto”

13:50 – 14:00
Tokens: Bridge to a New Digital World
Adam Cleary, CEO, Cavenham Capital Limited

14:10 – 14:20
Mainstream Payments for Token-Based Services
Edan Yago, CEO, Epiphyte

14:30 – 14:40
How Cryptocurrencies Can Help Improve Investors’ Risk Adjusted Returns
Jonny Fry, CEO, TeamBlockchain Ltd

14:50 – 15:00
Trading Strategies Within Crypto-Space
Viktor Shpakovsky, Managing Partner, Tokenbox

15:10 – 15:20
The Economic Space Agents: Promoting Human Collaboration Through Cryptocurrency
Mette Reitzel, Documentary Director, Banyak Films

15:30 -15:40
Blockchain 3.0 – How a New Generation of Storage Blockchain Will Revolutionize Big Data
Jason Inch, Co-Lead, Genaro Network

15:55 – 16:05
So You Want to Invest in an ICO?
Chris Mills, Associate, Fintricity

16:15 – 16:25
Digital Assets – Escape Velocity
Daniel Masters, Co-Principal, CoinShares

16:35 – 16:45
Moving Towards the Regulator Meant Educating our Lawyers
Christopher James Pomfret, Narrator, BullionCoin

16:55 – 17:05
Regulation and the Future of ICOs
Imogen Garner, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright

17:15 – 17:25
Alternative Investment: From Bonds to Cryptos or Tokens
Demetrios Zamboglou, Chief Business Development Officer, Lykke AG

17:35 – 17:45
Blockchains and Tokens for the Real World
Daniel Doll-Steinberg, Cofounder & CEO, Blockchainsmokers


Written by: cryptoclass on October 22, 2017

Mastercard announced it has tested and validated its blockchain and will be opening access to it via a set of three APIs published on the Mastercard Developers website. The APIs include the Blockchain Core API, the Smart Contracts API, and the Fast Pay Network API.

Mastercard will pilot the blockchain for use in the business-to-business space, implementing it to increase speed and transparency in payments and decrease costs for cross-border payments. The blockchain solution aims to offer a new way for consumers, businesses, and banks to transact. The company describes it as the “key” to its strategy of providing payment solutions that “meet every need of financial institutions and their end-customers.”

Mastercard’s blockchain operates independently of a digital currency. As Justin Pinkham, a senior vice president at Mastercard Labs told Forbes, “We are not using a cryptocurrency, and we are not introducing a new cryptocurrency, because that introduces other challenges—regulatory, legal challenges. If you do a payment, then what we can do is move those funds in the way that we do today in fiat currency.”

The company lists four main differentiators of its blockchain:

Privacy — Mastercard ensures that transaction details are only shared among individuals who are a party to the transaction.
Flexibility — it can be used in combination with other Mastercard APIs; SDKs are available in six different languages.
Scalability — it is designed for commercial processing speeds.
Reach — it is integrated into Mastercard’s payment network, which includes 22,000 financial institutions.
“By combining Mastercard blockchain technology with our settlement network and associated network rules, we have created a solution that is safe, secure, auditable, and easy to scale,” said Ken Moore, executive vice president of Mastercard Labs. “When it comes to payments, we want to provide choice and flexibility to our partners where they are able to seamlessly use both our existing and new payment rails based on the needs and requirements of their customers.”

The company’s rival Visa has also began working with the blockchain. Last October, the company announced it had teamed up with Chain to launch a blockchain-based B2B payments service called Visa B2B Connect. Neither companies have made firm announcements regarding blockchain use cases for end consumers.

Founded in 1966, Mastercard demoed its Cash Pick-Up ATM solution at FinovateFall last month. Cash Pick-Up allows the sender to disburse cash to banked and unbanked consumers without a card at an ATM. In addition to today’s blockchain developments, the company has recently joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance to explore possible use cases for Ethereum.

Written by: cryptoclass on October 22, 2017

Cryptocurrencies have been all the rage.

And it’s no wonder when cryptocurrencies like Ethereum shot up 2,740% … digital cash surged 1,092% … and Bitshares jumped 1,446%.

And while more money might be made as the cryptocurrency market grows into an estimated $200 billion industry, there’s a much more lucrative place to make money.

An industry set to explode a full 8,000% … surging from $235 billion to $4 trillion in the next four years.

That’s why one former hedge fund manager — Paul Mampilly — isn’t recommending a single cryptocurrency to his 100,000-plus readers.

“Cryptocurrencies are in a massive bubble. They are too risky,” Mampilly says. “There’s a new, emerging industry that will mint more millionaires than any other investment in history. More than bitcoin, more than marijuana, more than biotech … combined.”

One should heed Mampilly’s insight.

He made a 76% return during the 2008 crash which is part of the reason Barron’snamed his co-managed hedge fund “one of the world’s best.”

Mampilly became famous for helping millionaires make millions, but turned legendary when he walked away from Wall Street to help Main Street Americans make the same type of returns.

And they love him.

Over 100,000 people have already flocked to get his insight as he has helped them rack up as much as 6,220% in total winning gains.

One guy, a retired man from Buffalo, wrote that he made $998,000 thanks to Paul’s timely advice … and even sent a copy of his brokerage statement to prove it.

But all of that could pale in comparison to this little-known industry set to explode 8,000%.

Which is why Mampilly recently posted a new video on his website giving all the details behind this surging industry. Best of all … he reveals the one company you need to buy now so that you can profit in 2018.

This is the biggest and boldest investment prediction of Paul’s decorated career.

A prediction that he says will “hand investors who act fast a rare once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become incredibly rich, incredibly quickly.”

“Expect gains of at least 1,000% as this situation evolves,” Mampilly says.

This is the type of recommendation Paul used to give to his billionaire clients. But today, Paul is giving it to Main Street Americans so they can get in on the ground floor.

I urge you to take a few minutes to see Paul’s secret to stock market riches and to get the full story on this “better than bitcoin” investment