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Bitmark is a distributed ownership registry that enables individuals to claim ownership over personal data and digital assets. Bitmark creates specialized blockchain technology to convert personal data and digital assets into property that can be sold, licensed or transferred peer-to-peer. https://
488 days ago
RCN is a global credit protocol based on smart contracts and blockchain technology enabling connections between lenders and borrowers located anywhere in the world, regardless of currency.
472 days ago
Meet Ripio Credit Network: a global credit network based on cosigned smart contracts.


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471 days ago
The Next Bitcoin BTCX2 Their Coin is a Forked Version of Bitcoin! They Came Out Yesterday And Pre-ICO Got Sold 2.4 Million Coins For $0.01 Cents Each! => NOTE: Only 10,500,000 Coin remaining On July Remaining Coins Are Forked Coins Will Be Listed On 7 Major Exchanges Already Approved
242 days ago
THE NEXT BITCOIN…….. HURRY ONLY 10,500.00 Coin Left
First platform for Smart Contracts that offers Arbitration Services! BETTER DEALS FOR A NEW ECONOMY Confideal is a platform for making deals
487 days ago
A new cryptocurrency launch – Confideal® ICO – 2nd Nov. 2017
472 days ago
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339 days ago
Cryptocurrency Development By Block-Chain Experts‎
Meaning of forex trading The forex trading is a global decentralized for the trading of currencies. Here market determines the foreign exchange rate. Meaning of Binary option A binary option is a financial option in which the payoff is either some fixed monetary amount. Binary options are the
326 days ago
What is Forex trading and binary opion?
318 days ago
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14 days ago
Blockchain DApp Software Services Offering Professional Certifications Including: Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP) A Certified Bitcoin Professional is knowledgeable about the Bitcoin blockchain, Bitcoin transactions, and how the Bitcoin network operates. CBPs are able to apply Bitcoin technolo
476 days ago
Looking For Bitcoin Talent? Choose a CBP Trusted Professionals · Non-Profit Organization Areas Of Interest: Certified Bitcoin Professional, Certified Bitcoin Expert