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223 days ago
Lunes – The biggest blockchain project in Latin America
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Are you or would you like to become an Ashtart supplier? In order to start an application process, to check the currently active tender notices, participate to e-Tenders and for any other related information. Passion, innovation, skills and the acknowledgement of all diversities are values tha
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Ashtart – A future where everyone can access energy
HashGains a name trending in mining industry for best mining services globally at affordable cost. The cutting-edge techniques that the company adopted in association with its Green Cloud Mining Data Centers that completely runs on sustainable energy provides excellent services without causing any d
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Mine Zcash With HashGains – Cloud Mining Platform!
I think that for many people, the cryptocurrency market seems to be out of reach. Repo Blockchain is about to change this. The repo · coin project is not a fund raising by ICO, but plans to allow participants to acquire tokens instead. This will avoid public frenzy FOMO frenzy that will allow peop
180 days ago
Reasons to use Repo coins
I think that Repo Blockchain is about to change this. The repo / coin project is not going to raise funds by ICO, but we plan to allow participants to acquire tokens instead. This avoids the public madness FOMO frenzy allowing people to invest money. Repo Coin mobile app By eliminating LPR we wil
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CryptoHWwallet is an authorized reseller of cryptocurrency wallets in the United States. CryptoHWwallet is the leading provider of hardware wallets. The company has received authorization from Trezor’s Satoshi Labs, KeepKey, Digital box and Ledger. CryptoHWwallet offers some of the best hardwar
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double your money
According to what I know, Bitdouble is the first generation distributed third generation block chain sports betting and casino platform. Also, you can hold or possess BDBL up to 3%. Using Smart Blockcher technology, the Bitdouble coin developed the other Visa & secured wallet, which is the first
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Pension Rewards aims to reduce the global unemployment by creating a decentralized talent hub to allow individuals to share and trade skills anywhere, anytime and any day. Based on the Proof of Skill and Proof of Freelance algorithms, the platform will utilize smart contracts to create a more transp
21 days ago
The Pension Rewards ICO – A Decentralized Human Resource and Freelance Hub