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All ads in 2. ICOs and Investments is a humanitarian donation platform that merges blockchain technology with nonprofit and outreach and aims to provide real use solutions in the nonprofit ecosystem to henceforth underdeveloped regions throughout the world. 80% of All proceeds from this platform go dire
859 days ago
[ANN] Solomonstouch – The World’s First Humanitarian, Donation and Fundraising Blockchain Platform
By galvanizing everyday people we aim to exponentially increase the manpower that is searching for delinquent vehicles, which will result in much faster recovery of assets for auto lenders. Partnerships with auto lenders and repossession companies By partnering with auto lenders across the count
798 days ago
The best ICO news from
I am truly satisfied with the service of Sibcoin. They are exellent. SIBCoin is highly service-oriented. It aims to provide a better alternative to the current systems of money transfer in Remittance and eCommerce. SIBCoin’s services are all free except for the usual transaction fees which makes i
762 days ago
Does SIBCoin offer digital currency?
According to my knowledge, this is a really convenient place. They offer the best gambling opportunities. Why choose BitDouble ? By combining blockchain technology with an Internet gambling business, BitDouble can develop a completely transparent approach that may not allow casinos to block p
673 days ago
This is a pure bit coin casino.
They have developed the most secure and safest cryptocurrency trading solutions. Theyconstantly work on improving user experience and implememting the latest technologies. Oh, this is the real site for the best cryptographic exchange & I think their service is exellent. iCoin cryptocurrency e
751 days ago
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Do you like to play real games ? Oh This is the right place. G-Game is the exclusive partner of SIMGUN Gmbh and provides access to state-of-the-art, military-standard duel simulation equipment for the masses. Simgun Technology. Under the Simgun brand, military technology is also available to priva
561 days ago
Best news from the world ICO g game.
Cryptocurrency airdrops, in the digital money business, is an advertising stunt that includes sending free coins or tokens to wallet delivers so as to advance familiarity with another virtual cash. Modest quantities of the new virtual cash are sent to wallets for nothing or as a byproduct of a littl
209 days ago
The Story Of Cryptocurrency Airdrops Has Just Gone Viral!
Hello! I want to know anyone how ready for Digital Safe Coin's ICO? Is there anyone who knows about this coin? Seems to be very genuine ICO! I saw that they also willing offer free tokens also! Is that true? This is what they mentioned in the website: "Digital Safe Coin is a digital asset, a
876 days ago
Digital Safe Coin, upcoming best cryptocurrency is a digital asset for enabling easy buying and selling of bitcoin and altcoins with minimal fees in Asia and emerging markets in Africa The Problem There is rate difference of additional 10% to 70% on cryptocurrencies in Asian market and emerging markets of $1.3 trillion
823 days ago
Trendercoin – Simple Blockchain solution for emerging market of $1.3Trillion consumer spending
As we know, this is a really good place to earn money without risk. I depend on this . Cryptoxcelr is coming here to explore the possibility of a cryptoinvasive revolution that disrupted the traditional financial and banking system and caused a major change in the world economy. Here we are expa
774 days ago
this is a really good place to earn money without risk.
According to what I know, Bitdouble is the first generation distributed third generation block chain sports betting and casino platform. Also, you can hold or possess BDBL up to 3%. Using Smart Blockcher technology, the Bitdouble coin developed the other Visa & secured wallet, which is the first
701 days ago
Bitdouble is the first generation distributed third generation block chain sports betting and casino platform. is a decentralized, anonymized, real-time, threat intelligence highly secured exchange, with feedback and community ratings. It is powered by Block Chain technology. THRINTEL MARKET™ Features Decentralized Threat Intelligence Database Fast, accessible, and
858 days ago
[ANN] THRINTEL MARKET™ – The Blockchain Evolution of Threat Intelligence Sharing