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CRED – Credits.Energy – CX

Posted on
10 May 2018
( 2 days ago )
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CRED (CX) is a new state of the art universal cryptocurrency with its own mobile app that is dedicated to supporting renewable energy.

A new unique cryptocurrency is set to introduce a historic chapter in the digital currency space. For the first time it will not just be about crypto — rather, it’s “a Crypto with a purpose.” Titled as “CRED” with CX as the exchange ticker, the state-of-the-art cryptocurrency is on a futuristic mission to support GREEN energy while providing app-based mobile mining.

The launch of CRED ushers in a new era in the cryptocurrency space by enabling the investors not only to enhance their financial portfolio, but also to proactively contribute towards a greater good. The latest cryptocurrency is dedicated to advancing sustainable, eco-friendly projects like solar and wind farms as well as agricultural efforts.

Credits Cryptocurrency and its mobile app (Android and iOS) will give users the opportunity to utilize mobile mining technology in order to mine CRED. Furthermore, users are able choose their mining power, such as “High”, “Medium” or “Low.” The Credits app boasts an intuitive interface to make sending, buying, and receiving CRED fast and simple. The purchase and usage of CRED will support renewable energy and sustainable projects, which will help promote a “greener” planet.

Our mission is that, through the mining, purchase and usage of CRED, we will all support renewable energy and sustainable projects. From the sale of our token, we are planning to fund a 25MWh Solar Farm and a 40MWh Wind Farm where we will harness the power of Mother Nature and sell the renewable energy back to the grid for residual revenue which will allow us to burn tokens and bolster the Credits’ ecosystem by strengthening the value of the token and helping fund the next project.

CRED uses a decentralized blockchain which enables participants to keep tabs on their CRED transactions without the worries of centralized monitoring. Moreover, for additional user safety, we are using the cutting-edge CryptoNight algorithm that is anonymous outside the platform for optimum security.

At this point in our ICO, the price of CRED is $0.01 USD each. We accept BTC, ETH, LTC, ZEC BCH and XRP along with PayPal for the purchase of CRED.

For large purchases or inquiries regarding possible ownership/equity buy-in to the company, please contact Rick at