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Bitcoin fall was predicted! They knew it will not hit $5K Mark. Value of a Facebook Cryptocoin!

Posted on
5 March 2019
( 1 days ago )

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The New York Times reported new details about Facebook’s efforts to produce its own digital coin, On Thursday.

Facebook’s first attempt into blockchain will reportedly take the form of a so-called “stablecoin,” where the value of its digital currency is backed by the physical kind.

This is the reason we were always SHORT on #BTC & #ETH on Bitmex.

We have received so many appreciations for not going LONG when all other were going with the trend.

We were sure about this sudden downtrend – Our Strong analysis makes us the best BItmex Premium Community.

This was more of a manipulated crash. Lot of Bitmex Traders were going long on #BTC assuming it will touch the $5k mark. Huge Whale Community has simply dumped the price and liquidated the trader’s long positions.

We were already aware of their moves and thus we never ever instructed once our Premium Members to go LONG.

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